Acceptable Use Policy

Pinewood has developed an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which includes guidelines for proper use of the school’s computer network and the internet. All secondary students and […]

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

It is strictly prohibited and students may be expelled if found to be involved in the possession, use or exchange of alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigarettes or illegal […]

Bring Your Own Devices

Students are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets to school for learning purposes as directed by their teachers. All other electronic devices, including MP3 players and […]

Cell Phone Free School Campus

In accordance with the Greek Ministry of Education, and in line with our own philosophy supporting a positive school climate, the use of cell phones is […]

Harassment / Intolerance / Discrimination

Abuse, bullying, disrespect or discrimination against anyone will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Each such incident of such nature will be reported, recorded, investigated and […]

Inappropriate Language

The use of inappropriate words or phrases in any language, either spoken or written, is strictly prohibited.

Permission Slips

Permission slips may be sent home for activities beyond the school day or for participation in overnight field trips, excursions or other off-campus activities. These permission […]

Pets at Pinewood

Pinewood provides a healthy learning environment for all students, which includes different programs related to student well-being. The school recognizes that animals have been a part […]

Respect for School/ Personal Property

Pinewood’s physical environment must be respected and kept clean and orderly at all times. Student belongings and school property must be protected and secured. There will […]